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Ceramic Tile church flooring presents a unique challenge, unlike that faced in residential or commercial buildings.

Artech Church Interiors understands the requirements necessary for a successful church floor installation and we are able to not only install a new ceramic tile floor, but move and re-install the pews.

Pews need to be moved, three times, during a flooring installation and your local carpet and floor tile company likely has never worked with pews before. They do not have the required knowledge to properly label, loosen and move pews without damage. They won't know how to properly re-install them either. Inexperience, with pew installation, can cause tile cracking and shattering, costing your church much more money in multiple replacement tiles.

No floor is perfectly level and a pew reinstalled, in the wrong place, can wobble and break your new ceramic floor tiles.

Some pews have a concealed anchor system, instead of L-brackets, to secure a pew to the church floor. Most floor installers would not know to reinstall using these anchors, they would typically use L-brackets instead, leaving unsightly exposed brackets instead of the concealed anchor system and cause multiple tile breakage problems.

When you choose Artech Church Interiors, with our over 45 years of church renovation experience, you are guaranteed that your church floor will be installed quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of inconvenience to your congregation.

Ceramic Tile Floor

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