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Church Lighting

Without good church lighting, your flock will remain in the dark.

Due to the unique architectural challenges that a church presents during its design and construction - a large open room with a high ceiling that needs just enough light but not too much, many Church Lighting Fixtures are inadequate for the lighting needs of the church.

Also, many churches are historical landmarks and were built before electric lights or even gas lights were available. Church Lighting Before Restoration

Many churches were equipped with kerosene lamps to provide more light for worshipers.

The lamps were state-of-the art in the 1860s. They included brass fonts to house the oil, tall chimneys, and etched-glass shades designed to diffuse the light and minimize glare. Spring systems were installed to allow the lamps to be raised and lowered for refueling and cleaning.

During the turn of the last century, electricity was added. Sometimes churches adapted the original glass fixtures to the new power, even utilizing the old hooks from the kerosene lamps. Many of these same fixtures are still in use, as church lighting.

Church Lighting Design is an art. The shape of the fixtures and the bulbs, the height and distribution of the lights and the type of lighting mount used can all contribute greatly to the available light in a room. Yet the fixtures must still compliment the church's architecture.

The key is - don't increase the number of bulbs or increase the size of the bulbs. This can cause electrical bills to skyrocket AND the wiring, in many older churches, simply cannot handle that much additional wattage. Instead, light needs to be directed to specific areas.

Artech has generations of experience, with all types of church lighting applications. Whether you need New Church Lighting Fixtures, Used Church Lighting, Lighting Restoration, or Custom Church Lighting, we can help brighten your church.

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