Eden Church, Muncie, IN

“I cannot say enough good things regarding the work Artech did.”

Alan Johnson, Lighting Project Coordinator


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Dear Elizabeth,

We got the lights hung in time for this past Sunday’s service. The Sanctuary was really beautiful and everyone had nothing but praise and compliments for the way the fixtures looked. They have definitely updated the space and the increased illumination is nothing short of a miracle. The outdated ” subdued yellow glow” is gone and in its place is a clean, crisp pleasing white light. We used a “bright white” CFL scheme and along with the 120 watt Halogen down light spot, the pews were well lit and pleasant to read while sitting in them.

I cannot say enough good things regarding the work ArTech did. The old wiring scheme is gone and the new engineering has resulted in a much safer fixture, not to speak of about 40% more efficient in terms of energy usage. Less wattage, more light, and increased bulb life are all positives in this project. Artech kept in contact with us throughout the project, beginning with letting us know the prototype arrived safely, bulbing decisions, options to be decided on and finally letting us know the lights were on their way back to Indiana.

Your work was excellent, the material used of the highest quality, and your recommendations were sound and well advised. I can wholeheartedly recommend your work to other Churches contemplating any type of renovation project. Please feel free to give them my name and telephone number and I will be happy to help them through their decision making process. I am also available and more than willing to let prospective customers see in person the amazing work you have done.