Response to COVID

April 20, 2020
To Our Customers and Partners,


As the world navigates the uncertainty of COVID-19, you can count on Artech Church Restoration for continuity of service. We are here to support you and enable you to focus on meeting the needs of your congregation.

The health and welfare of both our workers and our clients is our priority.

Over the last few weeks, our crews have taken precautionary measures to ensure safe working conditions and help prevent the spread of the virus.

While in person services are suspended for many of our clients, now may be a good time to consider beginning projects that require site work. This guarantees no interruption in your services and will allow you to resume normal activities when it is safe for large groups to return to assembling.

If your seating has not been refurbished or upholstery or cushions have not been replaced in the last few years, now is also a good time to consider those services. Replacing old worn carpet with new, or installing modern vinyl plank flooring is another way to promote a healthy worship environment. Plaster repairs and fresh paint will help welcome your congregation when services resume.

If you have specific requirements or needs or would like to discuss options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my staff, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

You can count on us to support you today, tomorrow and for years to come.


Tom Burns