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Fifth Avenue Synagogue

Completed 2022. Supplied custom reversible, boxed and buttoned seat cushions. Custom straight and radius pews crafted and installed by New Holland Church Furniture. Learn more

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Marymount School for Girls

Completed 2023. Custom furniture provided by New Holland Church Furniture: Alter, Credence Table, Tabernacle Stand, and Flower Stand. Learn more about Our relationship with New

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Church of The Heavenly Rest

Completed 2022. Provided 112 reversible pew cushions and 581 moveable kneelers (hassocks).Fabric Sherpa Shire Red Rose. Learn more about Church Pew Cushions and Church Pew Kneelers.

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The Brearley School

Competed in 2019. New Holland Church Furniture Radius Pews with custom pew body and customer supports. (COM fabric) Learn more about New Church Pews.

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