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Tabernacle of Deliverance for All People

Completed in 2008 [gss ids=”2546,2547,2548,2549,2550,2551,2552,2553,2554,2555″ name=”tabernacle-of-deliverance-for-all-people” options=”timeout=4000″ style=”width:300px;float:right;”] Learn more About: Flooring, Furniture, Interior Design, Painting, Plaster Repair, Stained Glass

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St. Paul’s Chapel Completed in 2001 Comments: Full interior paint job Learn more About: Interior Design, Painting, Plaster Repair After After Before During

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St. John’s Baptist Church

Completed in 2005 Comments: Upholstered the seats and backs and refurbished the wood of 36 all wood pews. Learn more About: Church Pew Cushions, Church Pew

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