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St. Thomas Mar Thoma

Completed in 2009 Comments: Provided 64 deluxe pew form cushions (Fabric: Cisco – Sangria). Learn more About: Church Pew Cushions, Church Pew Upholstery

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St. Bartholomew’s Parish

Completed in 2011 [gss ids=”2124,2125″ name=”st-bartholomews-parish” options=”timeout=4000″ style=”width:300px;float:right;”] Comments: 41 Deluxe Contoured Pew cushions, On-site refurbishing of pew and frontal screens, new kneelers, new bookracks,

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Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Completed in 2003 Comments: 38 pews reupholstered seats with 3 foam and back with 1 foam, 12 new loose cushions for existing chairs, Reupholstered front

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