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Garden of Eden Church

Completed 2020. Installed New Carpet in Main Aisle and Pulpit Area & Upholstered 38 Pews. (Shire Midnight) Learn more about Church Carpeting and Church Pew Upholstery.

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Walker Memorial Baptist Church

Completed in 2011 [gss ids=”2660,2661,2662,2663″ name=”1st-AME-Zion-Church” options=”4000″ style=”width:300px;float:right;”] Comments: Artech provided a complete renovation to the church including painting the entire interior of the church

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Tried Stone Baptist Church

Completed in 2011 Comments: 2011: Restored light fixtures 2001: 27 pews upholstered, 3 seat and 1 back Learn more About: Church Pew Cushions, Church Pew Upholstery,

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