Is your church looking dingy?

When a church ages, it sometimes takes a fresh view to see that a church building has become dreary.

Artech can come in and have things looking like new. We can do any minor repairs that might go along with stone cleaning and even seal the surface afterwards to help protect against future problems. We can restore roofing and steeple.

The weather, nature, human activity or just acts of God can mar the wood, stone and metal of a church. UV from sunlight can cause paint to peel and crack, a slow water drip can stain stone or wood, turning gray stone to dark gray or dirty brown, or beautiful red brick muddy. A car, accidentally backed into the building, can leave a paint scrape.

Years of wear and tear can wear the shine off metal surfaces.

Our generations of experience with renovating church exteriors will have your church looking shiny new again, with little to no inconvenience to your congregation.

You can see how the cleaning process removes years (and sometimes centuries) of dirt and grime.

Contact us, to clean your church.