St. John’s Episcopal Church


Completed in 2010


Custom fabricated — refinished and rewired six chandeliers with new center CFL cluster, including four new acrylic cylinders (6” diameter). Two small fixtures in the balcony were also refinished and rewired.

Dear Artech,

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to tell you how happy the congregation at St. John’s Church is with our lighting restoration project.

When we formed a small committee to do this project, there were many doubting Thomas’s. Our church is 176 years old, and we are extremely proud of its beauty. It was believed that we would destroy a big part of our history by restoring the lights. But the fact is we just could no longer tolerate the fact that we were trying to read hymnals with less than one foot candle of illumination! Many years ago the parishioners added flood lights above the regular fixtures, but that only made for small bright spots in some of the pews. The older parishioners sat under the floods so they could read. The rest of the church was very dark.

Here are some quotes from our congregation on the first Sunday after we installed the new lights.

“I can’t believe how beautiful the new lights make our stained glass windows look.”

“I could see the hymnal today better than I have been able to in years. I am getting cataract surgery on Wednesday, but I could read them anyhow.”

“I love how they lighten up our ceiling. It’s just beautiful.”

Our Deacon and her husband were gazing up at them and she said, “It’s like a miracle!.”

“You did it right. You maintained the original design, and gave us just the right amount of light.”

“The lights make our new paint job look beautiful. They give it such a nice soft glow.”

Overall, our experience with Artech Church Interiors was very positive, and I am happy to recommend your services to anyone.

Ron Peck Chairman,
Lighting Restoration at St John’s Episcopal Church

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