St. Mary Roman Catholic Church

Completed in 2010


Provided new marble altar restoration, predella, Altar of Sacrifice, two side altars, baptismal font, side doors leading to exterior, and carpet in the main nave Cleaned and poulticed the existing marble railing and pulpit. Cut down four existing pews and relocated them. Repaired reredos screen and around the columns, painted 12 crosses on canvas and installed, repaired broken latch to baptismal rail gate, repaired broken sections and cracks on communion rail, supplied four pieces of white Carrera marble for side altars and supplied and installed anti-fracture on sanctuary floor. Replaced kneeler pads and repaired kneelers, as needed, Fabric Rogue, Buckskin , Provided new communion rail kneeler cushion, Fabric was provided by the church, Provided two additional pews and one longer frontal. Added VCT tile under new pews to match existing tile. Installed additional carpeting behind the last row of pews and in the confessional area. Replaced beams in the sanctuary floor. New Lighting, 8 Existing lanterns were retrofitted and used as chandeliers 2 chandeliers were faricated and installed.

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