New Light Fixtures – Customized and Shipped to your House of Worship

Every Church and Temple is unique and so are your lighting needs.  High ceilings, odd angles & beams, dark wood, stained glass windows, and old technology and architecture variations all contribute to the challenges of properly illuminating your sacred space for modern worship needs. 

Artech can guide you to solutions that will blend beautifully with your existing Sanctuary (or Nave) while better illuminating the space and will be much more affordable to operate and maintain.

Our fixtures ship (within the United States) fully assembled and ready to hang by your electrician.  We include the canopies, louvers (to reduce glare), and ample suspension (chains or rods) with lead wiring.  We will also specify the ideal LED bulbs in the right wattage and color temperature for worship so you get the most out of your new fixtures.

Our Standard Light Fixtures:

Mica Cylinder Pendants – shown in 18”, 24”, and 30” tall sizes.  

Size, trim details, colors, and socket layout can be customized for your application. 

Plain cylinders and metal trim or accents are available upon request.

Before and After images of a couple of our many completed projects:



Above:  1970’s era closed metal-can pendants with a single down-light bulb in each fixture created a shadowy effect with poor illumination.  Artech provided and installed new acrylic cylinder pendants, which the Church installed to the existing locations.  The new fixtures provide, up, down, and general illumination which properly illuminates the space.



Above:  A local firm sold the Church on LED technology, but installed high-hat fixtures with built-in 5000K color temperature which cast a blueish hue over the entire Church.  Artech provided and installed 3-arm Chandeliers with 2700K LED’s which balanced out the blue hue and provided a warm, welcoming glow.

Sample Lighting Installations:

Chandeliers and Matching Wall Sconces

Need something larger than a pendant, require matching wall sconces, or a surface-mounted fixture?  Contact us to discuss your project and we will assist you in finding the right combination of fixtures in the appropriate scale for your interior.

Not seeing the Style that you had in Mind?

Contact us if you are seeking Stage Lighting, more Traditional Fixtures, or another style of lighting that you do not see here.  We have additional resources and custom options available and would be happy to assist you to find the products and styles for your specific application.

Do You Have Historic Fixtures You Wish to Preserve but Modernize?

Contact us to discuss your historical lighting project in more detail and we can provide a budget for restoration and rewiring.  Restoration will revitalize the look of your historic fixtures while upgrading to new, safer wiring, new acrylic or glass diffusers to replace yellowed or cracked cylinders, clean and/or new paint for all the exposed metal parts, and incorporating modern LED technology for warm and even illumination.




Why Artech Does Not Install

Electrical codes vary by city and state.  Our fixtures are configured to meet most needs, but can be modified if the requirements in your area are different or if you need to interface with a dimming system or other existing technology.  Using your own electrician is recommended so they can inspect your existing wiring, panels, and any old dimming systems to ensure that the new light fixtures you choose will operate effectively in your unique setting and perform in harmony with your worship style.  Your Artech Representative will be happy to speak with your electrician to review any specific questions to ensure a smooth installation.