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Artech Church Interiors is the local new church pew representative
of New Holland Church Furniture servicing CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, & VT

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Top-quality straight, curved, wood, or upholstered church pews.

Replacing your church’s pews gives you the opportunity to dramatically change how your congregation welcomes members and visitors. When deciding to purchase new pews, you have the option to reconfigure your seating arrangement to improve traffic flow and balance seating capacity with comfort. Artech owner Tom Burns will come to your church and measure to ensure your investment of new pews fit correctly. He will review with you all available styles – curved, mitered and straight – and demonstrate in blueprints and renderings how they would look. Artech will show you actual pew samples that you can sit on before you buy.

Finding the right balance of seating capacity with seating comfort while improving your traffic flow

The Church Renovation Process

Once you have contacted us about a church renovation, we will visit you on-site to learn about the extent of your renovation needs. If you are not working with an architect, Artech Church Interiors will create drawings and 3D Renderings for review and approval by your building committee. After approval of concept, our interior designer will coordinate colors and designs for your church. Depending upon the level of construction that is required, we would submit a comprehensive renovation proposal. After contract of the project, we then coordinate the purchase and acquisition of materials and schedule the construction work, meeting your time frame with as little disruption to your church services as possible.

Ways We Work With Your Church

Artech works with your organization as needed, to ensure your church renovation is completed to your satisfaction. The three most typical types of projects are: turn-key renovation, joint project renovations, and renovation coordination.

Turn-Key Church Renovation

This type of church renovation is 100% managed by Artech from interior design to final finishing touches. We are responsible for the renovation from concept to completion, with one point of contact and one responsible party. With a Turn-Key Renovation, Artech is responsible for General Contracting, Design and Construction. If you want to restore the exterior of your church, update the Chancel area, replace the flooring in your Nave, add efficient LED lighting, or a combination of multiple aspects of renovation, we manage the entire project. We begin with an interior design where we prepare sketches and drawings for review and approval by your building committee. Our interior designers coordinate colors of the carpets and pew upholstery. Once the design is approved, we coordinate all materials and schedule the actual work in an agreed upon time frame that would disrupt church services as little as possible.

Joint Project Renovations

With a joint project renovation, Artech works with your designers, architect, or general contractor to assist in renovating your church. Due to architectural space, heavy yet infrequent traffic, and acoustical demands, many aspects of a church renovation are different from general construction work. We supply the specific knowledge for relocating pews, material selections, plaster repairs and painting, audio & visuals, and lighting updates.

Minor Renovations & Coordination

Minor renovations usually do not include general construction work. You may want to update the atmosphere including new carpets, fresh paint, pew refurbishment, pew upholstery, increase illumination without adding more fixtures, etc. We meet with your committee to review the project scope and identify paints, stains, carpet, and fabric choices. Once everything is agreed upon, we then schedule the work in a mutually agreed upon time frame to minimize the disruption to church services.