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One of the largest hassles of painting your church is having to hire a separate company to do the plastering necessary before the painters can begin work.

Artech Church Interiors is your best option. In addition to our master painters, we also can handle any plaster work you need done beforehand.

We can take on any job, from patching a few small holes in the wall to building custom molds that will replace damaged decorative molding, to repairing a roof that collapsed from water damage.

Having one company complete the repairs, from start to finish, saves you time, money and work. It also gives you the comfort of knowing the work will be done right.

Here are 2 before and after pictures of our work.

Churches often have decorative molding, and harsh weather or fire damage may sometimes damage sections of them.

Rather then scrapping what remains, or trying to cover it up, Artech can custom make decorative molding to match. It will match the old style and seamlessly fit in where the damage occurred.

In this picture you can see where some molding above a window needed to be fixed. We constructed an exact replica of the damaged section in our workshop and put it in place. The only step left at this point was the painting.

A few years prior to this repair, a church in Danbury, CT had their roof work done by another company. That company inadequately sealed the roof and ceiling.

Later, the roof developed leaks and water soaked through; one morning a 15-foot by 10-foot section of ceiling plaster fell.

The church hired Artech to repair the entire ceiling.

The church hired a company to come set up an entire floor, on scaffolding, so our workers could walk safely and freely a few feet below the ceiling level. We removed and replaced almost the entire ceiling; although we were able to reinforce and keep much of the original molding.

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