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Thomas Aquinas College

Completed 2022, 2019. Supplied and installed new kneelers with vinyl covering (Bordeaux) and alter cushions (Canterbury Burgundy). Learn more about Kneelers & Hassocks.

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Church of The Heavenly Rest

Completed 2022. Provided 112 reversible pew cushions and 581 moveable kneelers (hassocks).Fabric Sherpa Shire Red Rose. Learn more about Church Pew Cushions and Church Pew Kneelers.

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Our Lady of The Pines

Completed 2022. Supplied 48 New Kneelers and Floor Brackets. Fabric Selection in Shire Espresso. Learn more about Church Pew Kneelers.

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St. John of the Cross Church

Completed 2020. On-site refinishing of 30 church pews and 2 frontal screens. Supplied and delivered 90 new kneelers. (Sherpa Merrimac) Learn more about Church Pew Refinishing

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