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Church of St. Denis

Completed 2023. Manufactured and supplied contoured base cushions. Fabric in Parlour Wilshire Blue. Learn more about Cushions & Attached Upholstery.

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Rosedale Cemetery

Completed 2021. Supplied 8 Loose Reversible Pew Cushions. (Shire Sesame) Learn more about Loose Reversible Pew Cushions.

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First Lutheran Church

Completed in 2019. Delivered & Installed 24 New Contoured Base Pew Cushions (Fanfare – Regal Blue Fabric) Delivered & Installed All New Kneeler Pads (Fanfare

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St. James Parish

Completed 2017. Provided new contoured-base pew cushions for existing solid wood pews. Learn More About: Pew Cushions & Upholstery, Loose Drop-In Pew Cushions After After After

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