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Greater Allen AME Cathedral

Completed 2022. Completed a full reupholster of (110) pews. Fabric selection in Sherpa Maroon. Installation of wall-to-wall carpet of the main floor Sanctuary. Learn more

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The Bible Church of Christ

Completed 2021. Interior renovation throughout the church: supplied & installed new oak paneling to cover existing columns & wainscoting, interior paint & repairs of ceiling,

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Marian Shrine

Completed 2023. Interior painting with added wooden trim. Stone applied to back sanctuary wall and side shrines. Extending of altar platform and fabrication of new

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Church of St. Denis

Completed 2023. Manufactured and supplied contoured base cushions. Fabric in Parlour Wilshire Blue. Learn more about Cushions & Attached Upholstery.

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Christian Church of Jamaica

Completed 2023. Interior painting and plaster repairs. Removed existing flooring and installed new prefinished flooring in the stage area. Stabilized structure of the stage and

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