Tile & Marble

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When you are looking to replace and upgrade your carpeted, wood or tiled church floors, Artech offers a complete range of tile solutions specific for worship spaces. Artech will develop a layout and design for the tile, including tile size, diamond layout, borders and inlays, to match your church’s needs and desired look.

Porcelain Tiles for Your Church Nave

Porcelain is a harder tile, used for more commercial applications that have higher traffic and require lower maintenance than traditional ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles do not require any polish, just a mopping to clean, so it is better for the maintenance crews. Porcelain tiles do not need wax to look good, therefore there is no need to budget for stripping and waxing, nor do you need to worry about excess wax on your pews.

Porcelain Tiles versus Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, like what you find at large retail stores, are made from clay, are softer and chip easier than Porcelain. There are Combination tiles with ceramic body but a Porcelain veneer on the top. Unfortunately, if the tile chips or cracks, the ceramic shows through. We recommend using a full body Porcelain in the Nave where the pews are and the high traffic areas.

Alternative Tile Materials

If budget or material weight restrictions are a deciding factor, you may want to consider a LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) material in lieu of more costly and heavier natural materials.

Artech offers a full selection of wood-look and stone-look premium vinyl tiles and vinyl plank products that are durable and offer easy maintenance.

Marble and Stone for your Church Chancel Area

Since your Chancel area should be the focal point, Marble, Granite and Stone are used in these areas. They are not used in the Nave as it is more slippery, has a high polish, and needs more maintenance. Often an Altar that has carpeting or wood floors can get a complete face-lift by upgrading to marble floors with inlays. Marble and granite are also used for Altar rails, appointments, etc.

Restoration and Maintenance of your Terrazzo Floors

If you have a Terrazzo or marble floor, Artech will also grinding and polishing the existing floors. We can do this maintenance as part of the flooring upgrade in another area of your church or can come in as part of your regular maintenance.

Have your pews moved by Church professionals

Porcelain tile church flooring presents a unique challenge, unlike that faced in residential or commercial buildings.

Flooring - Artech Church Interiors, Inc.

Artech Church Interiors understands the requirements necessary for a successful church floor installation and we are able to not only install a new Porcelain tile floor, but move and re-install the pews.

Pews need to be moved three times during a flooring installation and your local carpet and floor tile company likely has never worked with pews before. They do not have the required knowledge to properly label, loosen, and move pews without damage. They won’t know how to properly re-install them either. Inexperience with pew installation can cause tile cracking and shattering, costing your church much more money in multiple replacement tiles.

No floor is perfectly level and a pew reinstalled in the wrong place can wobble and break your new Porcelain floor tiles.

Some pews have a concealed anchor system to secure pews to the church floor. Most floor installers do not know how to reinstall pews using these anchors, they would typically use L-brackets instead.  This leaves unsightly exposed brackets which will cause multiple tile breakage problems.

When you choose Artech Church Interiors, with our over 30 years of church renovation experience, you are guaranteed that your church floor will be installed properly, efficiently, and with the least amount of inconvenience to your congregation. Make sure the church floor is perfectly level before adding new tiles. Preparation of the church depends on if there is a concrete or wood floor.