About Artech Church Interiors

Founded in 1992, Artech Church Interiors, Inc. in Woodbury, Connecticut, is a fourth-generation Church Restoration and Church Renovation company.  Over the years, Tom Burns expanded Artech’s operations from providing pews and chairs to include full renovations and an expansive product line of goods and furnishings to serve religious institutions and landmark buildings.

Artech Church Interiors offers the skills and devotion of master craftsmen who specialize in churches and synagogues to make every project a success. Our team of craftsmen and professionals have successfully completed more than 5,000 projects.  Check out our installation list for projects in your area.

At Artech, we pride ourselves on delivering the same quality of work and attention to detail to small congregations as we for some of the largest and oldest Cathedrals and Temples in the region.

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Artech understands that houses of worship are unlike other commercial spaces and often have special requirements.  Artech’s team members and craftsmen are mindful, revere sacred spaces, and are committed to service excellence.  Artech’s dedicated consultants will guide you through the entire process to ensure your project is completed efficiently and affordably and that you receive the service you deserve.  

Contact us today to discuss your project.  Artech welcomes your inquiry and we look forward to the opportunity of being of service in furtherance of your mission.